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How to make basic Mechanisms using LITE

How to make basic Mechanisms using LITE

Age Group:
8 to 10 years
Grade Level:
Grade IV

This manual is used to teach how to make different Robotics Mechanisms and Robots using the LITE kit. The top mechanisms covered in this manual are push, pull, swipe, pick, drag, drop. Additionally, the manual also shows the practical application of various concepts like motion, types of motion, translation of motion, gear systems, pulley systems etc.

Coming Soon

  • To teach different kinds of mechanical designs
  • To introduce Science concepts like Motion, Types of Motion, Center of Gravity, Momentum etc
  • To introduce various Mechanical advantage systems like Gear, Pulley, Scissor system etc

The following assessments can be used to ascertain the learning outcomes of this manual

  1. Test on Mechanisms
  2. Test on Mechanical Advantage Systems
  3. Test on Simple/Complex Machines
Standards (across various boards)
  • Under CBSE Board
  • Under IGCSE Board
  • Under ICSE Board
Pre Requisites

This is the first manual of mechanical design within Avishkaar series, so, no pre requisite is required on this.