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Junior Program
For Grades IV and V

Junior Program

The Junior Avishkaar program is based on Robotronics LITE - the most popular assembly kit for this age group. The goal of the program is to develop key life skills like creativity, imagination, concentration and problem solving amongst the children. The program also progressively introduces the application of various Science concepts like Simple and Complex Machines, Pulleys, Levers, Wedges, gear systems etc. 

Children when they create different kind of Robot designs (in Grade IV) using the LITE kit not only learn about various Science concepts but also are stretched in their thinking by coming up with solutions to interesting problems that we expose them to. 

The program (that starts with some basic designs) progressively builds up the complexity of Robots to include the concepts of Motion, Types of Motion, Momentum and Centre of Gravity in Grade V. By end of the second year of the program, the children are adept at all aspects of mechanical designing and have a good handle on different kind of mechanisms (be it pull, push, slide, sweep, pick/drop etc).