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Primary Program
For Grades II and III

Primary Program

Robotics is introduced in the Schools in Grade II. The program is based on Robby 1 - a child's first robot. The goal of the program is to introduce a logical way of thinking to the children. Research worldwide has shown that a significant part of our minds get developed at this tender age and exposure, to skills like Logic, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, has tremendous impact. 

Children when they program Robby 1 on Robo B can learn sequencing and critical thinking - precursors to the all important skill of programming. 

Once the children have mastered the art of sequencing and thinking critically about solving a problem, they are introduced to the building blocks of Programming using Robo G. Children can program Robby 1 to do very simple tasks like making different kinds of shapes (squares, circles, triangle etc) to complex tasks like programming Robby 1 to work like an obstacle avoidance Robot.