Avishkaar Learning Programs

Avishkaar Learning Programs

Avishkaar Learning Programs are our In-School Robotics Programs for students with a hands-on and fun-driven learning approach. Developed by academicians and seasoned Educators, our Robotronics Program allows children to use their imagination and discover an exciting and important connection with real world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century. Our Robotics Programs can be integrated with the school curriculum and covers lesson plans with specific learning outcomes, assessments and teacher training for smooth execution and implementation of the program.

Using robots in school curriculum will strengthen the quality of education for students by enabling educators to use innovative learning materials & improved teaching strategies and there by it will also help educators to keep up the self-motivation of students.

Avishkaar provides 4 types of programs as follows:

Coders Club

In this club, Learn the fun, exciting, active, joyful and stimulating way to perform tasks with Avishkaar Robby Kit.

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Mechanical Modelling Club

In this club, Students will be exposed to the Engineering Design Process, which means to design, build, test and improve with Avishkaar INTRO kit and LITE kit.

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Programmers Club

In this club, Enhance your knowledge to build advanced programmable robots and perform tasks using Avishkaar Kit- Robotronics FULL.

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Tinkerers Club

In this club, Students will be learn an advanced program for exposure on technical and soft skills, including design, engineering, coding, problem solving and leadership.

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Benefits for Students

Benefits for Schools

     • Makes student a keen observer  • Adaptation of new teaching methodologies
    • Helps students understand concepts in a much easier way  • Use of innovative learning materials
    • Boosts their confidence levels  • Helps in improving schools digital equity and economic development
    • Enhances Analytical & Problem solving skills.  • Practical way of learning concepts through robotics.
    • Develops logical and analytical abilities.  • Professional development of faculty members through extensive training
    • Fosters self thinking resulting in clarity of thought.  • Eligibility of students to take part in International Competition
    • Encourages collaboration and team work  • The best practical way to equip students with 21st century skills
    • Allows them to explore new technologies 
    • Overall development of personality and organizing skills. 


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"Avishkaar Box is doing a wonderful job in bringing out Innovation in students and giving them a chance through IRC League to showcase their creativity"
Ms. Shirmeena, Vice Principal, GIS International School, Maldivestestimonials

"Avishkaar Box is doing a great job. Their Robotics program has been very helpful in developing skills. Students are exposed to building Robots for disaster management etc"
Ms. Aditi, Science Teacher, Mata Jai Kaur School, Delhitestimonials

"Keep up the good work Avishkaar Box. I hope other Schools also introduce Robotics from Class I onwards like ours and get the benefit out of it."
Ms. Ritu Ranjan, HOD Computer Science, Indraprastha World Schooltestimonials

"Robotics has given a very good platform to students to use their imagination and creativity. IRC league has expanded their capability to solve crucial and complex tasks."
Ms. Sharmistha, Robotics Incharge, Blue Bells Model Schooltestimonials

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