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Avishkaar Residential Training

ART, Sept 2018

If you are a passionate trainer/instructor who believes in MAKING and practising it, then Avishkaar is providing you with a platform to get knowledge of science and technologies in depth, i.e.
“Avishkaar Residential Training”.

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What Is Avishkaar Residential Training?

ART is a Five-day intensive workshop which guides and supports all ATL coordinators/makers connected with Avishkaar. It includes the training majorly on all ATL equipment, Prototyping methods, Design methodologies, ATL structure and inspires you to MAKE as much as possible. This time the training included a complete hands-on experience on STEM Kits, Programming, Robotics, Advance sensors, Raspberry Pi, 3D printer, etc.

The training was organized in 2 slots:
Slot 1: 7th Sept to 11th Sept
Slot 2: 17th Sept to 21st Sept

What did it include?

  1. Hands-on training for STEM Kits with E-Series X brain
  2. Hand-on training for STEM Kits with Arduino UNO
  3. Hands-on with Drone Training
  4. IoT with NodeMCU Training
  5. Hand-on training for Advance sensors with Arduino UNO
  6. Briefing of IRC problem statement and Avishkaar Makeathon

An excited, engaged audience!

The attendees of the ART 2018 were all super-enthusiastic individuals who not only participated in all the activities, but also showcased their own skills. Take a look at these pictures:

ART2018 Picture 1 ART2018 Picture 2 ART2018 Picture 3 ART2018 Picture 5 ART2018 Picture 6 ART2018 Picture 7
Check out the complete Facebook Album here: Facebook Album

See you again next year! Till then, Happy Tinkering!

Team Avishkaar Box

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