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Avishkaar Robotronics concluded at Ambience Malls

Avishkaar Robotronics Zone at We Love Summer, which concluded recently was an event conducted by Ambience Malls in association with Avishkaar Box. The event was held from 22nd May - 4th June at Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj and Ambience Mall Gurugram by a team from Avishkaar Box.  It involved Avishkaar Box hosting its unique Robotic games for kids and parents from in and around Delhi / NCR. Several interesting games such as Robby Soccer Match, Snakes and Ladders with Robots, Robo Maze enthralled the audience and offered a unique experience to the visitors.


Robby Soccer Match

This match was conducted with an advanced robot called Robby. The inbuilt sensors acted like eyes and helped it to face the obstacles and take the programmed action. To play the match, kids controlled it with the Avishkaar mobile application called Robo B.





Snakes and Ladders with Robby 

This game was played with Robby. Its inbuilt Bluetooth module connected it to the mobile application. Kids gave instructions to the wireless Robby, through the Mobile Application, to reach the top.



Robo Maze

Kids loved it! The entire activity of running their Robots through the maze to find the way without touching the walls made it challenging and exciting for them. The competitive streak in kids came put when they wanted to cross the maze in the shortest possible time.


Advanced Robots 

Two mechanically designed robots containing India's most advanced Social and Educational control panel were the highlights at the Robotronics Zone. The advance control panel of the E and SR Series supports 7 different sensors and 4 motors. Kids operated the Robot through a mobile app and Wi-Fi connection.


Build a Tower

Kids had to construct a tower with the 2 given Robots and props. Whoever made it taller in the given time won the competition. The Robots used for this activity were fairly advanced using the SR Series control panel.



We were elated as well as motivated to see the response from Kids and Parents during this event. While kids found it interesting and engaging, parents were happy because it involved learning with fun. You can view the complete Album on our Facebook page here 


Several parents inquired if we were going to conduct any Summer Camps where they can send their Kids. And here's the good news! We have a lot many short-term summer camps coming up in June. You can find the details on this page.


And an icing on the cake - all summer workshop participants are eligible for the International Robotronics Challenge (IRC Open League) happening on 2nd July 2017!


Spend this summer exploring, inventing and winning! Happy Robotics! :)


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