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How to make Multi Mechanism Mini Crane

Hello Makers!
I am back again with a new Robotics model. Let's make a Multi Mechanism Mini Gripper. This is an advanced model made from Avishkaar Robotronics FULL with some additional Flexible strips. Have a look at how this Robot looks like.

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Steps for making a Multi Mechanism Mini Crane


Step : 1

Take 2 Long U & connect a square plate on each at the first and fifth center hole of Long U.
Step : 2

Now connect a short rectangular plate between both the long Us at hole no. 3 & 8.
Step : 3

Place a motor on the short rectangular plate by inserting shaft in 6th hole of the first row.
Step : 4

Now bend a flexible strip from hole no. 5 and 9. Break it from hole no. 14. Fix 2 three hole connector in the center of the folded flexible strip as shown in Fix this structure to the shaft of the motor by adding fillers and lock it with the axle lock. Fix a wheel between the bent flexible strip with help of a 3 inch axle shaft as shown in the image.
Step : 5

Take a short L & add a motor on the first center hole and add a big round gear to the shaft of motor. Fix this short L to the short rectangular plate on the center hole of row 4 & 5.
Step : 6

Join a 4 inch & a 5 inch axle shaft with the help of coupler, Add a small round gear and insert in the 2nd hole of 2nd row of both square plates.
Step : 7

Take 2 short L and connect it to a square plate in the first & last row as shown in the figure.
Step : 8

Now connect a motor in 3rd center hole of left side L angle. Insert 3 fillers & a mini round gear and lock it with an axle lock.
Step : 9

Take a flexible strip and bend it to make it in U shape. Add 2-2 three hole connector on both the sides as shown in the image.
Step : 10

Now fix this flexible strip by adding a big round gear in between them with help of a 4 inch axle shaft at center hole no 6. 
Step : 11

Now make a gripper Arm(As you want to make either by flexible strips or long U).
Step : 12

Now fix the 5th hole and the center 1st hole of short L with a axle shaft and connect the tale of that arm with the flexible strip with another flexible strip with 3 hole connector added before as shown in image. 
Step : 13

Add a Robotronics CP Full brain on the back side of Arm as shown in the image & your four mechanism Robot is ready.
Your Robot is Ready!

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert

Team Avishkaar Box
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