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How to make a Robo Craft

Hello Makers!
Last time,we learnt how to make a Robo Bike. In today,s activity, we shall make a Robo Craft! Catch a glimpse of the craft in action here.

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Steps for making a Robo Craft!


Step : 1

Take a square plate and add four L angle at all the four sides of the square plate.
Step : 2

Again add two more square plates with 2 L angles.
Step : 3

Attach 4 flexi strips with that added square plate. Fix Upper flexi strip on both the square plate by adding nut & Bolt at hole no 1 & 5 of row 1 and fix lower flexi strip at the hole no 1 of same square plate from row 5.
Step : 4

Now fix all four flexi strips by connecting three hole connectors by leaving last hole of lower flexi strip & connect last hole of both the lower flexi strips with the help of one spacer, 4 fillers and a medium spur gear to give a beautiful look to tail of your craft.
Step : 5

Now connect 2 long rectangle plate with two remaining L Angle at hole no 8 & 12 of 2nd row and cockpit of your craft is ready.
Step : 6

Now install a motor in the center of square plate and screw it with motor nuts.
Step : 7

Take 2 Short U and fix it on any of the long rectangular plates at hole no 6 of column 1 and column 5 and do same from another side of the long rectangular plate.
Step : 8

Now add a square plate on the each Short U by fixing nuts and bolts on the hole no 2 & 4 of the first row.
Step : 9

Fix motor on each square plate by inserting motor shaft in hole no 3 of the 4th row and fix it by motor nuts.
Step : 10

Now attach wheel to the shafts of both motor with single filler and secure it with axle lock.
Step : 11

Now fold a flexi strip at hole no 1,5,13 & 17 once each and add a caster wheel with flexi in the hole no 10 and Now fix this flexi strip on both of short u at hole no 8.
Step : 12

Take 2 flexi strips, bend all at the hole no 3 of from both side and fix it with the help of three hole connector from both sides on the middle hole of flexi strips.
Step : 13

Now fix this joint flexi strips with the motor shaft of cockpit motor with 3 fillers and secure it by an axle lock.
Step : 14

Place a full Brain between the both Short U and Flexi strip and fix it at hole no 4 of the brain.
Step : 15

Now connect motors with the brain by connecting cable.
Your Robo Craft is Ready!

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert

Team Avishkaar Box
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