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How to make Tractor Robot

Hello Makers!
I hope you remember, Last time we had made Folding crane with pulley.In today's activity, I have a new Robotics Model for you - A Tractor Robot made using Robotronics Lite kit.

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Steps for making a Tractor Robot


Step: 1

Take 2 Short L and attach them with 2 flexible strips in the first & second last hole and add two rack gears as shown in the figure.
Step: 2

While fixing flexible strips with both short L, take care the way in which that nuts & bolts has been fixed and now add 2 motors in both the short L in lower hole no. 3, fix it with motor nuts,insert wheel & secure them by axle lock.
Step: 3

Now take a long U and attach an L-angle on one end of the Long U.
Step: 4

Now attach a motor on the L angle by inserting motor shaft in the middle hole and now insert 2 fillers and a small round gear to the shaft & secure it with the axle lock.
Step: 5

Now attach this long U with the rack gear frame as shown in the image.
Step: 6

Now attach 2 square plate in the second end of Long U and attach two wheels there with the help of 5” axle & axle lock.
Step: 7

Now add an Avishkaar brain to the head of your robot with help of 2 piece of flexible strips and connect the connecting wires.
Step: 8

Now you robot is ready to move!
Your Robot is Ready!

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert

Team Avishkaar Box
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