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How to make a Robo Bike

Hello Makers!
I am Akshay, your Robotics Expert from Team Avishkaar Box. From now on, I will be taking you through How to Make models using Robotronics Kits. So in today's activity we will be making a Robo Bike using Robotronics FULL kit. What's a Robo Bike? Catch a glimpse of the bike in action here.

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Steps for making a Robo Bike!


Step : 1

Connect a short rectangular plate with 2 L angles on each side.
Step : 2

Now connect 2 square plates with L angles connected with short rectangular plate.
Step : 3

Connect motors on square plate in hole (3) of second row (R2) of square plate and connect wheels on shaft of motors.
Step : 4

Take 2 short U. Connect first one in Hole (4) and second one in Hole(8) of short rectangular plate in middle line and middle hole(7) and (9) of short U.
Step : 5

Connect short U with pieces of flexi strips in hole (3) of both short U's.
Step : 6

Now on another end of short U connect a piece of flexi strip (1). Connect a motor in the last hole of piece of flexi strip (2)
Step : 7

Now with 2 Flexi strips on each side connect 2 L angles with each other.
Step : 8

Now bend 1 flexi strip by leaving 3 holes to make a U tyre structure. Connect 3 hole connectors on it (1) (2) to support the front structure of Bike.
Step : 9

Now on another end of Flexi strips, fix a wheel with Fillers and axle lock.
Step : 10

Now fix this structure from 3 Hole connectors in the shaft of motor and lock with axle lock at the top.
Step : 11

Now with the help of 2L angles, make a U structure and connect at the rear side to connect Brain (1) and (2).
Step : 12

Now, make the handle of Bike using axle shaft ( 5 Inch) and secure it with 3 fillers and lock with couplers on each side.
Step : 13

Connect the motors with Brain and then connect the controller.
Your Robo Bike is Ready!

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert

Team Avishkaar Box
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