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Robotronics FULL (E Series)

Avishkaar Box Robotronics LITE E Series box image
Age Group:

12 years & above

India's most advanced Programming Kit

  • ₹ 8500 /-

Robotronics FULL (E Series) is India's most advanced programming kit for schools that can be used to create different kinds of Robots like Line Follower, Obstacle Avoider, Humanoids etc. This kit comprises a comprehensive mechanical design set, a programmable brain, a controller, a variety of sensors like Colour, Ultrasonic, IR and Touch. These Robots can also be operated by using your phone via Robotronics Remote (available both for iPhone and Android). These robots can be programmed to behave like fully functional Artificially intelligent machines that take inputs via sensors and generate outputs via motors, LEDs etc

Skills Learnt

  • Programming
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Problem Solving
  • Resourcefullness
  • Critical Thinking


Avishkaar Box Robo G 3.0
Robo G 3.0 is a cross-platform GUI programming software to program all E-series and SR Series range of product

Phone Application

It is a remote control application for your robots powered by SR Brain and E-Series Brain.


Avishkaar Box - Basic Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)
This manual teaches how to program the Robots made out of the FULL box.
Avishkaar Box - Advanced Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)
This manual teaches advance programming constructs.