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What an Avishkaar Box?

Avishkaar Box, an educational enterprise, has been founded to strengthen the Education System for school going students. We deal in Innovative Education Products and Solutions for Schools, Children and Parents.

Is Avishkaar Box available for different age groups?

Yes, we have different boxes for different age groups starting from the age of 5.

Can my child make Projects himself out of the Avishkaar Box?

Definitely! That is the whole idea behind Avishkaar Boxes that Children should be able to explore and innovate. Of course they would need guidance and for that each Box comes with a Manual and in addition, there are lot of online support provided through Forum , tutorials and Community.

I am an adult, can I buy Avishkaar products?

Yes, definitely! If you have a passion to explore, experiment and innovate , we are there for you! Infact , we've even spied a number of adults having fun with our Boxes :-)

What is the difference between Avishkaar E Series and SR Series products?

Avishkaar E-Series products are designed to focus on learning using robotics. SR Series products are designed to provide the right balance between education and Play.


What is the price of an Avishkaar Box? How can I buy it?

The price varies as per the product. Yes, you can buy any of the Avishkaar Boxes online at www.avishkaarbox.com/products .Alternatively, you may also pick your desired Box from our office at 15/1, third floor, Rama road, Delhi. However, in case you wish to come to our office to purchase, please call up Mr. Akshay at 8506931515 a week prior since the Box would have to be procured from our production unit.

Is Cash on Delivery option available

You can buy any Avishkaar Box through Snapdeal, Amazon or Flipkart. Each of them offer Cash on Delivery option (as of now).

How long does it take for my Avishkaar Box to reach me?

It depends on the shipment policy of the platform from which you will be buying ( Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart). In most cases, it will be delieverd within 7-10 days

Are shipment charges exclusive of the Box price?

Yes, Shipping charges are added to the kit cost as per the location. You will receive an email with your tracking information when your box ships.

Where do you ship?

We ship within India through Amazon , Flipkart and Snadeal. To order any of our Boxes outside India, please email us at [email protected]

My Avishkaar Box got delivered, but a few items were missing. Will you reship the missing items?

Though the chances of any item missing is rare as any of our Boxes goes through several rounds of quality check before dispatch. But in case any item is found missing, we will surely dispatch. However, you need to inform about the same within the day of receiving the shipment at [email protected]

I have a LITE brain, I need to purchase a Full brain.

You can purchase the FULL brain at www.avishkaarbox.com/accessorypacks/fullbrain

What is your return policy?

Since you will be buying from any of the three e commerce platforms - Amazon , Snapdeal or Flipkart , their respective return / cancellation policy will be applicable.

Can I track my shipment?

All 3 e commerce platforms Amazon , Snapdeal and Flipkart have a robust shipment and tracking system. You will receive a tracking number by them once your order is placed and can track the status of your shipments.



Do you have your Programs in Schools ?

Yes, we have Avishkaar Learning Programs (ALPs) running in prestigious Schools in South East Asia

Do you offer School programs for all age groups?

We offer the following programs:

• Primary Program (For Grade II and III)
• Junior Program (For Grade IV and V)
• Middle Program (For Grade VI and VII)
• Senior Program (For Grade VIII to X)

Which all Schools do you have your programs running?

Partial list of our client schools can be found at www.avishkaarbox.com/partnerschools.

I wanted a demo / proposal of your Program offerings in my School / Activity center. Whom should I contact?

Please email your query at [email protected]


What kind of partnerships / alliances are you looking at?

We welcome individuals and entities to join hands in spreading a wave of Avishkaar Innovation all across South East Asia.

• Become a Reseller: List our Boxes / kits on your site or sell offline
• Become a Channel Partner: Introduce Avishkaar School Programs in your regional schools
• Open a Center: Open an Avishkaar Makers Space or introduce Avishkaar programs in your activity centers


Which is the right software/application for my product?

How do I connect my Robot / control panel to the app?

To connect your Avishkaar product to a PC/Mac - please use the serial cable provided with the product.
  To connect to your Avishkaar product via a mobile application:
1. Using the device running the mobile application; join the Wi-Fi network created by your Robot/Control Panel.
2. Run the mobile application and click on connect button.

How can I disconnect my Robot / control panel from the app?

Exit the application to disconnect your robot.


How do I know if the Avishkaar Brain is charging?

There is a charging indicator LED in your charger, it glows red when your control panel is charging and its color changes to green when the charging is complete.

How long will it take to charge any Avishkaar Brain?

Time required to charge from 0-100% is 3 hours.

Is there a power adapter that comes with the Avishkaar Brain?

Yes a power adapter with a charge indicator comes with every Avishkaar Box brain.

Can I use other charging cables to charge the Avishkaar Brain?

It is recommended that you only use the power adapter which comes with the Avishkaar Brain.


Where can I find tutorials for my purchased Box?

You can find all tutorials at www.avishkaarbox.com/how-make-robots

Can I submit a project that I made?

Yes, we encourage all users to create and show their innovation to the world! Make your Maker's account at www.avishkaarbox.com/makers and submit your project.

Where can I connect with other users of the Avishkaar community?

Forum is the place for you! Post your queries, answer questions, share your ideas, brainstorm and do a lot more in this platform. Go to www.avishkaarbox.com/forum


For all questions related to our International Robotronics Competition (IRC), please go to www.ircleague.com/faq


I am a writer/blogger and would love to review an Avishkaar Box. What do I need to do?

Thanks for your interest! Please send us your information at [email protected] and we shall get back to you.

Were you looking for the answer to a different question? Email us at [email protected] We will reply shortly after receipt.