Basic Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)

Avishkaar Box - Basic Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)-2

Basic Programming using Robo G (FULL Manual)

Age Group:
10 to 12 years
Grade Level:
Grade VI

This manual teaches how to program the Robots made out of the FULL box. It methodically introduces the various parts of the box: the design parts, the programming hardware and the software constructs. You can use this manual to learn about basic programming constructs like Variables, Loops, If-Else constructs and basic functions.

Coming Soon

  • To teach basics of programming in Robo G
  • To introduce various programming constructs like If-Else, While, Functions etc.
  • To show the usage of various kind of sensors like IR, Touch, Sound etc.

The following assessments can be used to ascertain the learning outcomes of this manual

  1. Test on Variables (Definition, Declaration and Arithmetic)
  2. Test on While Loops (Infinite and Finite)
  3. Test on If/Else and Conditions
  4. Test on Functions and Parameters
Standards (across various boards)
  • Under CBSE Board
  • Under IGCSE Board
  • Under ICSE Board
Pre Requisites
  • How to make basic Mechanisms using LITE
  • How to make advance Mechanisms using LITE
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