Avishkaar Remote App is designed to control the Robots/projects powered by E series and SR series brains. It is a very intuitive application which lets the users control all the motors connected to your E-Series or SR-Series brain. You can control the direction and speed of rotation of the motors.

You can download Avishkaar Remote from the Google Play store and Apple App Store:

Avishkaar Remote App: To control robots powered by Avishkaar E-Series and SR Series brains:
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Release Notes

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You can control your robots powered by E series and SR series brains using the Avishkaar Remote App. The application connects to an E series and SR series brains over Wi-Fi and lets you control the up to 4 motors connected to the control panel. Avishkaar Remote runs on Android and iOS powered devices.

You can you scan and connect to Wi-Fi networks from within the Android application.

iOS devices are redirected to settings to turn on the device's Wi-Fi radio because of Apple's limitations

Steps to connect:
1. Enable Wi-Fi on your E series or SR series brains.
2. Open WIFI setting of your phone Connects to Brain network with Valid Password.
3. Start the Avishkaar Remote app click on connect to establish the connection between brain and device.
4. Connection established Start button appear.
5. Click Start.
6. Remote screen will open.


No bug fixes as this is the first release.

Permissions required:

Location required to display available Wi-Fi networks in Android 6.0 and above.
Phone & Storage required to display available Wi-Fi networks in Android 6.0 and above.
Wi-Fi connection information required to connect to SR Brain or E-Series Brain. 

Techincal Details

  1. Avishkaar Remote App uses the inbuilt WiFi module of Avishkaar E-Series or SR-Series brain.
  2. Avishkaar Remote App can control all the four motors connected to the Avishkaar E-Series or SR-Series brain Not only the directions of the motors can be controlled but also the speed of the motors.
  3. Avishkaar Remote App uses a proprietary wireless protocol (aWire) of Avishkaar to connect with Avishkaar E-Series or SR-Series brain.
  4. A single E-Series or SR-Series brain can be controlled by five Avishkaar Remote Apps.

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