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Robo B (Robo Basic) is the phone application specifically designed to program Robby. This application has an intuitive, child friendly graphical interface that can be used to draw shapes, create logic, control Robby through voice commands, program sensors and drive Robby like an RC car. All this by simply touching the screen.

Robo B can be used to program Robby (E-Series). The programming happens wirelessly where the program is burnt using aWire Protocol (anAvishkaar protocol).

You can download Robo B either from the Google Playstore:

Robo B:To Program Robby

Release Notes

Release Features

▸ Features marketing:

Robo B lets you program Robby, a child's first robot, from your phone by establishing a Bluetooth connection with the robot. You can engage the robots to do interesting activities that includes logic building, analytical thinking and reasoning. A child can learn about different shapes using Scribble feature, design logic using Code feature where a child can design a logic to solve problems using direction blocks. You can drive your robot as a RC car in drive mode and very easily program it to be an obstacle avoider or object follower with Smart Vision.

Currently it is available only for Android powered devices.

▸ Code:

This feature helps in developing logical and analytical abilities in kids. Kids learn basics of programming and use of functions from this feature.

▸ Scribble:

This feature lets kids draw new shapes. They can learn to draw a total of 21 shapes.

▸ Talk:

This feature lets you control Robby through voice commands. Robby responds to 5 English commands. Namely: Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Stop.

▸ Smart Vision:

This feature lets you program Robby as an object follower or an obstacle avoider. You can program both the sensors of Robby using this feature.

▸ Drive:

This feature lets you control your Robby as an RC car. You can instruct your Robby to go forward & backward; turn left and right, control its LED’s to blink as an ambulance or sound the horn.


▸ Fix #1:

Fixed the issue of new user info not being sent to the server to be saved.

▸ Permissions required:

Robo B requires the following permissions:

Identity is required for login from Google account.

Contacts is required for login from Google account.

Location required to scan and display Bluetooth devices in Android 6.0 and above.

Phone is required for login from Google account.

Photos/Media/Files The app stores your talk feature voice commands on SD card and deletes them when you exit talk feature.

Storage The app stores your talk feature voice commands on SD card and deletes them when you exit talk feature.

Microphone required to listen to voice commands

Device ID & call information is required for login from Google account.

Techincal Details

  1. Robo B has a variety of ways in which you can operate Robby - ranging from Voice Commands, Coding, Drive, Scribble and Sense features of this app.
  2. Robo B currently can control all the different features of Robby - right from its LEDs, Motors, Speakers and sensors.
  3. Robo B uses a proprietary wireless protocol (aWire) of Avishkaar to connect with Robby (SR).
  4. You can create your own functions and pass/return values from the same to ensure modularity of the programs.