Founded: October 2014
Founder & CEO: Tarun Bhalla (
Flagship Product: Robotronics LITE
Headquarters: Rama Road, New Delhi, India
Employees: 50+
Countries Sold to: 10


Emerge 50, NASSCOM, 2016
Coolest Tech Ideas, 2014


Avishkaar Box was created with a lot of love and care to make products that make Learning Meaningful, Joyful and INSANELY addictive. Our products range from a pre-built Robot, a Robotics construction set, an intelligent brain to a circuit designing system.

Avishkaar Box was started by Tarun Bhalla (a CS Graduate from University of Delhi and Masters from University of Washington). Under Tarun's leadership, Avishkaar Box has been nominated as on one of the coolest ideas of 2014 and a part of Emerge 50 in 2016.

Avishkaar Box raises ₹50M in Pre Series A funding

We are proud to announce that Avishkaar Box has raised Rs 5 crores in Pre Series A funding from Auxano Deals. Avishkaar was founded with a mission to strengthen Primary and Elementary Education in India by Tarun Bhalla.  The company envisioned the Avishkaar Learning Programs (ALPs) with an aim to make the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts a fun-filled and engaging experience. Over the years the company has built a range of Products and Programs catering to various age groups from 6+ to 16+. 


Founder and CEO Tarun Bhalla says, "It took me 7 years, 2555 days and 61,320 hours to become an overnight success!" - here is a link to blog post that describes his journey so far - click here