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Avishkaar Coders Club

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Coders Club
For Grades II and III

Coders Club

Avishkaar Learning Programs (Clubs)

Avishkaar Learning Programs are our In-School Robotics Programs for students with a hands-on and fun-driven learning approach. Developed by academicians and seasoned Educators, our Robotronics Program allows children to use their imagination and discover an exciting and important connection with real world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century. Our Robotics Programs can be integrated within the school curriculum and covers lesson plans with specific learning outcomes, assessments and teacher training for smooth execution and implementation of the program.

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Avishkaar Coders Club

Program DetailsComprehensive CurriculumWhat will student learnWhat do student make

Program Details

Grades: II and III
Instructional Hours: 10 - 40 hours
Kit Used: Robby E Series

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum is mapped to the class concepts and comprises of well laid out lesson plans with in-built assessment and feedback mechanism.

What will students learn?

The Avishkaar Coders Club teaches and encourages a wide variety of 21st-century skills crucial at this age such as fine motor skills, problem-solving, confidence and team work.

What will students make?

Students get exposure to programming in a fun and simplified manner. They work with Robby - the Robot and play and learn coding and crucial skills.


play,discover and learn with robby

The goal of Avishkaar Coders Club is to introduce a logical way of thinking to the children. Research worldwide has shown that a significant part of our minds gets developed at this tender age and exposure to skills like Logic, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving has a tremendous impact. Hence our Primary Robotics programs focus on exploration with free-play, guided projects and easy to understand lesson plans with Robby – the child’s first Robot.


controlling through mobile app-robo b

Children learn to program Robby – the Robot through our Mobile App Robo B. Robo B is an interactive, intelligent and easy to use mobile application designed with a game like structure. It creates a fun, exciting, active, joyful and stimulating environment in which kids can learn sequencing and critical thinking - precursors to the all important skill of programming.



Once the children have mastered the art of sequencing and thinking critically about solving a problem, they are introduced to the building blocks of Programming using our Programming Software Robo G. Children can program Robby to do easy tasks like making different kinds of shapes (squares, circles, triangle etc) to complex tasks like programming Robby to work like an obstacle avoidance Robot or creating loops. The focus is to practice thinking creatively and to learn how to systematically approach problems.



Kids get to experience the excitement that comes with building and competing with their robots through our popular International Robotronics Challenge – IRC League. Guided by mentors and their own imaginations, students solve real-world world challenges, develop crucial life skills, and learn to make positive contributions to society.


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"Avishkaar Box is doing a wonderful job in bringing out Innovation in students and giving them a chance through IRC League to showcase their creativity"
Ms. Shirmeena, Vice Principal, GIS International School, Maldivestestimonials

"Avishkaar Box is doing a great job. Their Robotics program has been very helpful in developing skills. Students are exposed to building Robots for disaster management etc"
Ms. Aditi, Science Teacher, Mata Jai Kaur School, Delhitestimonials

"Keep up the good work Avishkaar Box. I hope other Schools also introduce Robotics from Class I onwards like ours and get the benefit out of it."
Ms. Ritu Ranjan, HOD Computer Science, Indraprastha World Schooltestimonials

"Robotics has given a very good platform to students to use their imagination and creativity. IRC league has expanded their capability to solve crucial and complex tasks."
Ms. Sharmistha, Robotics Incharge, Blue Bells Model Schooltestimonials

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