ROBO G 3.0

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ROBO G 3.0

Robo G 3.0 is a cross-platform GUI programming software to program all E-series and SR Series range of products that include Robby E-series, E-series Full, SR Full and E-Series X  This software has an intuitive graphical interface, which lets you create a program by just clicking on various programming blocks. The programming blocks like while, if, if-else etc. are used to create logic that can not only control the robots but also enable them to interact with the environment using different kinds of sensors, enabling them to act as autonomous machines.

You can program E Series Full and SR Series Full by selecting the respective mode in settings.

You can download the different versions of the software from the following locations:
Robo G 3.0: To Program E-Series (FULL), E-Series (X), Robby (E-Series) & SR Series
Version 2.6 (Updated: 4th August 2018):  ios   Windows



Release Notes

Robo G 3.0 Features

Robo G 3 Software is a new Software for E-Series and SR Series of Avishkaar brains. Most of the user interface is kept similar so again it is divided into three parts:

1. Context Area

2. Main Area

3. C Code 

▸ Context Area

The context area has the following context buttons:

1. Control Button: Control context area contains all the initialization and logical programming blocks.

2. Motion Button: Motion context area contains the programming blocks used to control the motors connected to the control panel.

3. Sensor Button: Sensor context area contains the programming blocks to read values from sensors.

4. Display Button: Media context area contains the programming blocks used to configure display of your SR brain.

5. Variable Button: Variable context area contains the Variable Arithmetic Block, “Create Variable” and “Delete Variable” buttons. Integer, Character and String variables can be created.

6. Function Button: Function context area contains “Create Function” and “Delete Function” button. You can create functions of void and integer return types. 

7. Communication: This section will allow you to communicate with another E or SR Series brains.

8. Devices : This section will allow you to configure your boards in Future.

▸ Main Area

Main Area is at the center of the screen, all the programming logic is designed here. Above the Main Area you can find the menu button, they are File, Edit, Tools and Help.

▸ C Code

When a block is placed in the main area, the software generates C code corresponding to the block. The generated code is visible in “C Code” Area. You can show and hide the C code as per your liking.

Robo G Releases:


Date of ReleaseRelease VersionAvailability Status
Aug 4, 2018RoboG3 version 2.6Available
June 10, 2018RoboG3 version 2.4Superceded
April 19, 2017Robo G 3 software BetaBeta Done
June 15, 2017Robo G 3Not Available
What's New?

Version 2.6

We have squashed some annoying bugs in this version.

Version 2.4

  1. New - ADD-ON section in X mode for supporting STEM sensors.
  2. New - Robby firmware library updated to support E-Series Robby.
  3. New - UI of Configure Hardware TAB for X is added ( actually enhanced, it's now compatible with all screen sizes).
  4. Enhancement - Wifi data packet handling improved for better ingress packet processing.
  5. Enhancement - The parametric functions will take and return integer values. Fixed bugs.
  6. Enhancement - X Brain Firmware library is refactored and improved code base.
  7. Enhancement - Serial Terminal messages improved for Wifi Communication.
System Requirements:

 Intel® Dual Core 2 1.5 GHz or faster processor.

• Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

 Minimum 2 GB of RAM

 500 MB of available hard-disk space.

 1360 x 718 display (1920x1080 recommended).

 Internet connection and registration are required for software update feature.

Technical Details

  1. Robo G 3.0 is a completely new software which succeeds Robo G 2.2 and has all the features of Robo G 2.2.
  2. This software is supposed to be the primary programming grammer software for all E-Series Products (Full, X and Robby)
  3. For E-Series Full, it provides programming blocks for Motors, Sensors.
  4. For E-Series X, the blocks allow programming of individual GPIOs, PWM, STEM Sensors etc.
  5. Similarly, Robby Programming blocks are available in the robby mode.
  6. It takes lesser burning time due to Serial Burning.
  7. Serial Terminal in software Serial communication between Brain unit and Computer.
  8. Configure Display of SR brain through software. Prints text, value on 4x4 grid present on SR Screen.