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Robotronics FULL (SR Series)

Robotronics FULL SR Series 14
Age Group:

12 years & above

The first programmable DIY robotics kit for any child

  • ₹ 12500/-

SR-Series FULL Kit is India’s favourite Social Robotics series. This kit contains, Micro-controller based & WiFi enabled and fully programmable SR-Series FULL Brain, and Avishkaar Robotronics Design system that includes components in, Assembly, Movement and tools category for building multitude of robotic mechanisms. The whole design system is build to create innovators of tomorrow. The SR Series FULL Brain has 4 built in Motor ports, 5 Sensor Ports and one wired remote port. All ports are Avishkaar Robotronics design system enabled (6-Pin, RJ11) for ease of connectivity. This kit has a touch screen, mic to enable Social aspects of your robots. The touch screen area is fully programmable to create various touch based controls. The brain can be programmed using intuitive block based programming software (Robo G2.2) that is freely available, for Windows and Mac, on www.avishkaarbox.com/Downloads.
Kit can be enhanced with additional movement and assembly kits that are sold separately.
For more Product options visit us at: https://avishkaarbox.com/products.

Skills Learnt

  • Programming
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Problem Solving
  • Resourefullness
  • Critical Thinking


Avishkaar Box Robo G 3.0
Robo G 3.0 is a cross-platform GUI programming software to program all E-series and SR Series range of product

Phone Application

It is a remote control application for your robots powered by SR Brain and E-Series Brain.